Is it just me, or are there a whole lot of strange occurrences this year, from the personal to the universal?

This question struck me as I was watching the news of the violent reaction to the infamous anti-Islam film on You Tube. As speculation continues as to whether the rapid escalation of the protests in Sudan, Egypt, Yemen, Libya and other Muslim countries were triggered by the film or were an expression of far greater and deeper discontent with Western powers, I’m wondering whether there is a bigger message beyond the political statements, arguments and counter arguments.

What would the Mayans have to say about all of this? They have the best knowledge after all about 2012, the year of ‘the Shift of Ages’, where many profound changes are to be expected. Some say that the sun and all the planets will align, others say that we’ll move beyond our seven chakras and connect with several more….still others say that all the extreme weather conditions, as well as the widespread political and social upheavals happening around the world, indicate a transformative and spiritual pattern which goes far deeper than any climactic or social unrest. The 21 December – the ‘end date’ in the Mayan calendar, can either be interpreted as an apocalypse, or a new beginning.


Apocalypse? (Photo credit: mikelehen)

This turbulence is new and different because it will shake us to the core, as well as our surroundings. For many of us, a dark cloud has already descended and is refusing to leave. We have to live with it, even embrace it, if we are to survive. This may sound dramatic, or complete nonsense to anybody not aware of a ‘shift’ or a change in their behaviour, attitudes, feelings and perceptions. But there are many people out there who are going through massive unprecedented transformation, at times scary and at times exhilerating. Many situations and events in our personal histories suddenly seem futile. Each day is a struggle to put our heads above the water in order not to drown in the darkness. We question everything that we used to hold dear, and we wonder where exactly our inner truth lies, and how to identify it.

I feel like my life has been flashing before me these last few days. Like characters on stage, the various people and circumstances of my past have put in an appearance.  One minute I’m sitting under an olive tree in Palestine with my dear friends there, the next I’m at Lake Victoria in Uganda, or at one of the many all night parties in Beckenham or Brixton that made up many a weekend in my twenties. Still the tears are coming – the other day, I was singing an old Judy Garland song from one of her musicals (I’m a soppy teenage obsessive when it comes to Judy, as many a friend of mine, rolling their eyes in disbelief, would tell you), and I found myself crying. It is like I’m going through a shedding process – shedding what? To move on to what? I’m not sure. But I am realising that a big change is taking place within me, and I just have to let it happen – the laughter, the tears, the heartache, the anger – they all have to wash through me, and I have to embrace them in order to truly heal. I knew that 2012 was to be my year of growth and acceptance – this was the promise I made to myself in January – but the path is harder than I had envisaged, and the results –  if there are to be any – still feel like some distance away, out of reach.

How do our erratic emotions relate to 2012, the Shift of Ages and the dawning of a new era? And what about all those unprecedented political and social events; was the Arab ‘awakening’ so-called because actually it indicates something far bigger than the sum of all its political, economical and social parts?  Can the angry and violent protests occurring around the Muslim world be explained beyond the grievances and anger felt by a significant number of the population in those regions? For me right now the debate doesn’t lie in political positioning and posturing, it lies in trying to identify in what ways our personal transitions relate to the greater universal transformation that Mayans believe will occur on 21 December. I would love to know what the Mayans themselves would say…but since I can’t travel several thousand miles to find out more, I’m hoping the blogosphere will come up with some answers!

Although sad, human nature often requires crises in order to break free from our patterns of complacency and convenience, and transform the structures which bind us. In one light, crises are actually gifts which push us to overcome our narrow thinking, assert our deepest values, and co-operate together on a grand scale.

Louis Pascal